Sample Essay on Amazing Race

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Sample Essay on Amazing Race

Amazing race refers to a reality TV show in which eleven teams with each having two people race world over while competing with each other. The two individuals in a team usually have a pre-existing relationship and their goal is to arrive at the Pit Stops first. For most people, racing across the world for a million dollar prize is not only fun but also worth the sacrifice. Maybe you have heard about this reality show but you do not know what exactly it is about. Just like any other reality show, amazing race has its official rules and regulations.

To win the prize, contestants must adhere to these rules and regulations. It is important to know these rules and regulations if you are interested in participating in this competition. The members of a team must be at least 21 years old and they must also attend the open auditions. Mental and physical health of each member of a team must be superb.

Every participant must consent to background checks that are conducted by the producers of the show. During the show, alcohol, stoves, open fires, weapons, heaters and tents are restricted. Participants are prohibited from carrying guidebooks, maps, and cell phones as well as other aid materials. While starting each leg during the race, teams are given money and credit card for purchasing tickets for the next destination. Participants must purchase the economy tickets.

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Teams are also prohibited from contacting friends, acquaintances and family during the race. The race has other rules that participants are familiarized with before they start racing. Nevetheless, this show is thrilling with contestants touring different countries using varying modes of transport including helicopters, hot air balloons, bicycles, trucks, cars, taxicabs, trains, boats, buses and even by foot.

Teams are given clues that lead them to the next destination at the start of every leg of the show. Challenges faced by the contestants include cultural differences and other challenges in different countries. Progressive elimination of the teams is done during the race and the winning team is the one that arrives first among the final three.

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