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ByWilliamson Lindsey

The role of university newspaper & radio in the life of students

Many universities have a student-run newspaper, radio station or both.

The platforms act as a medium through which information is shared by or between students. But how exactly are university newspapers and radio stations important in the lives of students?


Both radio and newspapers give an equal chance to creative wishing to take part in information sharing. These are not like the professionally non-students run production companies where there are constant biases in the recruitment processes. The systems installed in most of these school production houses are also simple enough to be controlled by any myessayservice org student regardless of his or her level of experience. At least it is the first step to breaking the continued cases of inequality in workplaces.

Building confidence

Sharing your opinion through a newspaper or microphone is always less intimidating. At least you never see the hundreds or thousands of students tuned in to the station or reading your newspaper column. This gives you the confidence to boldly express yourself without any fear. Your confidence is further built by the support you get from students – those who believe in your ideologies and wisdom. With time, you find yourself gathering enough courage to speak with the same boldness before a multitude of people. This is an achievement you wouldn’t have witnessed if you had no other platform to express your unspoken. It mostly works for introverted or shy students.

Developing communication skills

Communication is all about speaking and listening. In other words, you always my essay service need to know when to speak and when to listen. This is a skill that can easily be developed or sharpened through the radio as you will not only need to speak to your listeners but listen to them as well. It can also be enhanced through the newspapers as you will need to factor in your readers’ feedbacks into subsequent news articles. Having excellent communication skills will help you increase the number of people attracted to your contents. This is a skill that you will use even past your school life since communication is a major requirement for every competent employee. It will allow you to communicate with your employers as well as colleagues appropriately. But it all starts at school.

Improving literacy

You cannot talk about what you don’t know. It is for this reason that students are forced to conduct a comprehensive study on any topic they would like to address. You will also have the pressure to create well-drafted scripts for the radio shows and newspaper headlines. All these turn you into a professional who can be hired by any high ranking company. It also builds your portfolio as an experienced and competent employee who can handle any challenge posed at work.

A Voice and empowerment to students

University newspapers and radio stations allow students to express themselves in whichever way they deem appropriate. They can talk about their struggles at school and seek for ways to solve them. They can also celebrate each other’s achievements and encourage others to stay focused on their studies. All university students definitely benefit from all information shared or delivered through these platforms. At least this gives them a peace of mind as they know that they can be heard whenever they need any form of audience.

University radio and newspapers will also help you become a team player as it requires you to work alongside other people. These include writers, presenters, technicians, cleaners, and even a dean head. This prepares you for the challenge of working in any team in an organization once you are done with college. In other words, this is almost a form of internship before the real internship – embrace it.

ByWilliamson Lindsey

Ways to avoid becoming a study’s slave

Schools will drive you crazy if you don’t know how to handle it.

This is because of the many hours you are required to spend on your books. If you are not in class attending your lessons, then you are in the libraries reading or with friends engaged in a group discussion. You might have to sleep late and wake up early just to do the same thing you have been doing the entire day – studying. Not even the weekends are spared since many students still have to study on Saturdays and Sundays in preparation for the next lessons. Sadly, most students still fail in their exams after all these hustles. This only proves that being a slave to books doesn’t give you a straight pass to success. Instead, this habit might be your downfall as you feed your brain with more information than it can handle. So how exactly can you avoid being a slave to your studies? Here is something to ponder on:

Take some time off

Deliberately decide to take a break from your books. At times it is not easy – especially when you seem not to understand some of the concepts taught in class. However, breaks are still crucial as they trigger the brain to think. Breaks help you to see the beauty of life school life beyond books. They also help you form a balanced life as a student, making you know that studying is not the only thing that you are meant to do.

Boundaries and expectations

Do you have boundaries or expectations? If your answer is no, then you might want to set them for your own good. Most people are enslaved to their studies since they never know when or how to say no. For instance, how do you tell people that you are not okay with impromptu visits to your hostel? Do you just entertain then whenever they suddenly knock onto your door? Setting limits allows you to form a routine that cannot be broken. You are able to set aside enough uninterrupted time for your books before joining your friends for some good time. Being interrupted is always costly as you end up losing track of whatever you had revised, forcing you to start all over again when the friends are gone. Keep experiencing these unplanned interruptions, and you will never find time off your books. So you deliberately have to create your own boundaries.

Be fully committed to whatever you do

Your plans and schedules should be supported by your commitment to them. You should never compromise the time you set aside for books and your time for leisure. None of these should ever be short-changed for the other. Also, you need to be all-in on whatever you do. Just like your study times, any time set aside for leisure should be fully spent on leisure and not on books.

Always remember that you are in charge of whatever decision you make. In other words, you are in charge and not your books. The more organized you are, the more you will be able to balance your studies and set aside time for non-study related activities.

ByWilliamson Lindsey

How does the Internet affect education in a positive way?

A few assets can likewise be useful to you much after graduation, particularly with regards to systems administration. The Internet has opened an overall virtual school by giving an equivalent playing field to understudies the world over.

Online Resources

Because of plenty of online assets, you no longer need to visit a library when directing exploration for school. Type what you are searching for in the web search tool, and data is promptly accessible readily available. Explicit online assets license you to look for peer-evaluated diary articles and course readings for a wide range of subjects. These top-notch assets are accessible whenever that is helpful for you.

Throughout the years, the Internet has been instrumental in the accomplishment of understudies acquiring a professional education. Numerous Internet-based devices are accessible to you to assist you with getting training. A few assets can likewise be advantageous to you significantly after graduation, particularly with regards to systems administration. The Internet has opened an overall virtual school by giving an equivalent playing field to understudies far and wide.

Conversation Boards and Forums

Online conversation sheets and gatherings are compelling strategies to work together with your cohorts, teachers, and partners outside the study hall. One of the advantages is that you have more opportunity to consider conversations before reacting. The Worcester Polytechnic Institute has found that online conversation sheets and gatherings offer understudies a significant device through which they can effectively take part in a class without feeling on edge about having numerous arrangements of eyes on them.

Throughout the years, the Internet has been instrumental in the achievement of understudies getting a professional education. Numerous Internet-based instruments are accessible to you to assist you with getting training. A few assets can likewise be valuable to you considerably after graduation, particularly with regards to systems administration. The Internet has opened an overall virtual school by giving an equivalent playing field to understudies the world over.

Informal communication

A variety of online networking instruments is accessible on the Internet and is appropriate for advanced education. Online networking permits you to interface with your schoolmates, teachers, and partners to pay for a research paper share valuable data. For instance, you might need to connect with different experts who are in a similar field you are examining. This can be particularly valuable while going after another position after graduation.

Throughout the years, the Internet has been instrumental in the accomplishment of understudies acquiring a professional education. Numerous Internet-based apparatuses are accessible to you to assist you with getting training. A few assets can likewise be useful to you considerably after graduation, particularly with regards to systems administration. The Internet has opened an overall virtual school by giving an equivalent playing field to understudies far and wide.


Texting devices are useful when you have to arrive at a cohort or teacher immediately. These apparatuses are additionally helpful when you have to plan online gatherings. They permit you to talk and remain associated with means of content, voice, and video. You can keep on staying associated with those on your texting records much after the class has formally finished.

ByWilliamson Lindsey

Top 10 Issues in Higher Education

There are many arguments about the effectiveness of higher education.

Within the same strain of ideas, it is also apparent that the impact of education is not practical beyond college or university premises. Ideally, it is crucial to realize the fact that as paramount essays much as higher education has many opportunities, challenges are also significant. Some of these challenges are explained below:

#1 Completion of Higher Studies is not a Guarantee for Many Students

As you may have heard, the end justifies the means. While many students apply for various courses in their first year in college, many do not make it to the end. Moreover, some drop out at the beginning or towards the end of their final year. Well, the question is, “Why do university or college students drop out of school? It is agreeable that improving channels through which individuals access higher education wouldn’t count if they won’t make it to their graduation. As such, establishing what causes scholars to drop out of college and addressing the issue would be a better solution.

#2 Students have the Wrong Impression of a Bachelor’s Degree

Many at times, society puts it that it is almost impossible to make it in life without higher learning. In other words, holding a bachelor’s degree is the only avenue that can give one good experience. Well, is that true?

The education system needs to embrace and appreciate other pathways that can help students to achieve success. While a degree is essential, it has to be backed with training and active skills to function.

#3 “Tarmacking†as another Significant Issue

What good would a degree be to students if they aren’t effective in finding jobs? One of the biggest challenges in higher learning is the difficulty of finding employment after graduation. Ideally, students enroll for higher education write my research paper cheap because of the most obvious reasons- to make more money, to get a job, or be an employee. Without a significant workforce diversity, the skills that they learn would be ineffective.

#4 Higher Education is not to Profit Colleges and Universities

Institutions of higher learnings should be accountable for the performance of their students throughout their academic journey. Other than the logical extreme of enrolling students for the school’s profits, it goes way beyond that. The institutions should utilize their aggressive marketing to implement useful learning programs that would help scholars to realize their potential.

#5 Technology as a Key Factor of Higher Learning

As much as technology continues to diversify every day, its significant utilization is an issue in higher education. Simply put, learning in colleges and universities has to be dynamic to engage students in active learning.

#6 Assessment of the Learning Progress of Students

Assessment of students’ cognitive skills is the right way of establishing their potential to succeed in their career fields. Nonetheless, institutions of higher education do not document the progress of their students to develop their outcomes. Unless they incorporate relevant skills that demonstrate the competency of students, they won’t convince employers that particular individuals are competent.

#7 Institutions of Higher Education Enjoy the Money

Since schools are also in the business industry, they may focus on how the money comes in rather than how it benefits students. Many at times, the interests of the institution are not aligned with the outcomes of students. In the end, the progression of the students is barely noticed.

#8 Higher Education Does not Save Everyone

Many students cannot afford the expenses tagged on higher education. For instance, they have to pay for meals, accommodation, tuition, transport, and other obligations. If they don’t have resources to fund their studies and are not eligible for a student loan, they drop out due to a lack of a survival strategy.

#9 The Focus on Students’ Input rather than Value Addition

Most prestigious universities attract students based on their talents or abilities. Such institutions focus more on metrics rather than adding value to students. In the end, they produce solid education results that are of significant help to only a small circle of students.

#10 Employers are also to Blame

Other than blaming colleges for the incompetency of graduates, employers also have a hand in the issue. Higher-level educational requirements blindly move most of them for their recruits. Their farsightedness leaves out potential employees with talent because their academics don’t meet the employment requirements.